Canada Challenge, wrap up

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Not the end we wanted

After a team meeting this afternoon Canada Challenge has ended today (Monday). After a bike uplift yesterday I headed out on my way again into a strong easterly headwind. Pretty much for the first time ever I didn’t care about it. As I still couldn’t sit down due to saddle sores I just stood and slowly pushed the pedals over, happy to be on safe roads again. Sixty kilometres in, my right leg gave way and I saw something fly off my bike. “What the heck” I thought to myself as I watched a large piece of metal bounce behind me to a stop. “That’s my pedal!” I looked down ...”hang on, what the!? That’s my crank and my pedal!” 

I looked again and saw my crank had snapped off halfway up and I hit the brakes. “No way” I thought. That did not just happen. I shook my head and just laughed to myself. I got my phone out and just started to video my initial reaction of disbelief.

I phoned Graham and laughed. “Mate you need to come get me. You won’t believe what just happened.”
We went to three different bike mechanics in Montreal before finding one that had a crank he could fit which was a different size to mine. It wouldn’t be ready to ride until Wednesday and with the other bike issues I had may have cost upwards off $600. My head was spinning. It was not supposed to be like this. It was morphing into something I was not overly comfortable with.

Dan, Matt and myself went to a nice French cafe near the bike shop (which Dan couldn’t stop complimenting) to try and make sense of it all and make a decision. We couldn’t, so we met with the whole team just to gauge what we should do. As we chatted it became more and more obvious to us and to myself this ride was over. 
We came here initially to attempt the record. Failing that attempt to continue on. But then breaking a crank which is unheard of, taking a full day off the bike after only doing 60km? It’s no longer the epic, brutal attempt it should be. It felt wrong to continue. So we called it.

Man, sometimes everything goes pear shaped. It’s very, very frustrating for me. I tried to give it all I had but failed to stay on the bike and failed for the first time to not reach our end point. It’s new territory for me to get my head around. 
So this is it. Currently we are driving to Halifax while trying to rearrange travel arrangements, hoping to head home sooner.

What a crazy, crazy experience this has been. My support team of Hedge, Dan, Glennis, Matty, Nat and our new mate Mike have been nothing short of amazing. They went over and above to take care of me and were just as much invested in our goals for this attempt. Thank you.

To our family and friends back home thank you for your support. To Chan and my girls I love you, I’m alive and hopefully I will see you soon.

On behalf of our Canada Challenge team,