Day 10: Lundi 23 Juillet, 2018

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Hello, and welcome to Quebec, the french speaking province.

After camping overnight by a service station, this morning Reid set off from a Walmart carpark, just north of Ottawa. The set up is a bit different today, Reid is carrying a backpack with spares, snacks and sunscreen, confident that we only need to check in with him at the 75km mark (rather than our usual 25km intervals).

This gave the crew a bit of time to have breakfast and use wifi etc. The shops are in French, as are the self-serve checkouts. We've all started practicing our French, by adding words like baguette or fromage to our sentances. The banter over the radio is hilarious, until Matt ends with a sí sí (isn't that Spanish?).

We chase down Reid a few hours later. He has been battling a headwind for most of the morning, and due to his nasty saddle sores, is unable to sit on the bike seat. For that reason, he's spending most of the time peddling whilst standing up, which is tough on the legs (understatement).

We check in at 50km for another snickers bar and sunscreen, then head up the road to prep lunch. Just as we found a roadside spot, Hedgy gets a call from Reid - the crank has snapped! Whoah, what!?! So we double back, have a good/bewildered laugh and pack the bike away for today. Now there's time to relax, walk around and even manage a quick dip in the Ottawa River.

Reid, Dan and Matt head for the bike shops of Montreal... Reid can take the story from there.