Day 9: Sunday 22 July, 2018

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So today, we drive.

After Reid made the call on the record attempt yesterday, we set to finding somewhere to stay for the night. There was nothing ahead of us for the next 100km, so we drove back to Nipigon on the shores of Lake Superior. Our afternoon tasks included:
- preparing posts for social media
- emptying the RV tanks
- washing, washing, washing
- changing the sheets (more washing)
- cleaning out the fridge
- team coffee run
- what's the plan now?
I think there was a sense of relief, and the release of a bit of pressure and worry. We had the evening off, everyone had a chance to phone home (hi Mum!) and we all caught up on sleep. 
The alarms were set for 5am (such luxury) and we rolled out of Nipigon at 5:30am on Sunday. After chatting with Arvid yesterday, the team decided that we would drive today, to get us across the most treacherous stetch of the route. Man, are we glad that we did! Looking at the road conditions and the severe lack of shoulder to ride on, we were all very thankful that Reid was sitting with us in the Dodge. We have covered a LOT of ground today. By rotating drivers every couple of hours, we've been able to cover almost1400km and will soon pull in for the night just East of Ottawa. 
Monday is a new day, and Reid has plans to be back on his bike until the 13 days and 6 hour mark. 
Over the next 5 days we'll be highlighting ways that you as an individual can get involved in "challenging events, changing lives!"
- Nat.