Day 7: Friday 20 July, 2018

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Catch up on Thursday's stats:
Thursday distance = 503.8 km / 312 miles!
Cumulative distance = 2662.1 km / 1655 miles
Moving time: 18 hours 17 minutes
Total time: 20 hours 25 minutes
I don't know how he does it. Those 3 hours of sleep were just too short. But I'm in no position to complain. I think the majority of the team have been feeling pretty flat this morning. We've all been very conscious of our own need for sleep, and have tried to work it through as a team... i.e. some sleep now, ready to replace the current drivers later. There's definitely a good and supportive team bond happening as we travel across this country.
The weather is very overcast and a bit dreary. There were sections of rain and a few dark clouds overhead. The road quality has certainly dropped compared to the previous days. It's mostly just 2 lanes, with a frequently varying shoulder width. Reid is understandably fatigued but battling on. The check-in points with the crew became every 15 km rather than the usual 25km during the day. You get pretty good at doing the maths in your head... "if he's  averaging x, and we saw him y minutes ago, we should set a heads-up alarm for z".
At one of our morning stops, we found the photo filters within facebook messenger. This got a good (and probably over-tired) laugh out of everyone. Reid even got in on the fun. You can see the results on our Facebook or Instagram accounts. We'd love to see your reply.
You can also follow the full technical details of each day's ride on Reid's Strava account.
We had burgers for lunch, and crossed into the Eastern Standerd Time zone. Personally, I've managed an extra 1 hour nap in the RV and currently feel fresh for the afternoon / night. The crew generally splits into 2 loose teams.
Team Dodge: Mike, Dan and I
Team Flo: Hedgy, Glennis and Matt
Team Dodge always seem to be needed 'up the road' whenever there are dishes to be done! We rotate a bit throughout the day as people swap for extra sleep, or to do a particular job. But it's become the pattern for the last few days thay Matt swaps with Dan in the afternoon, which turns Team Dodge into the MNM radio show (Mike, Nat and Matt). On Tuesday it was talkback radio hosted by Matty Lavender. Wednesday featured the tourist info of the Manitoba border crossing and Thursday was classic 90s karaoke :-) we're finding ways to stay alert and entertained. Maybe we'll broadcast by facebook live one day, we might even take requests!
I don't know how he does it, but I've heard him speak about why... the purpose - he is raising money for disadvantaged children, born into circumstances of extreme suffering. He ties his (temporary) suffering on the bike to the everyday suffering of disadvantaged kids. And for that reason, he can't quit. That's his purpose. There is always hope.