Day 5: Wednesday 18 July, 2018

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Catch up on Tuesday's stats:

Tuesday distance = 420.3 km / 261 miles
Cumulative distance = 1748.9 km / 1087 miles
Moving time: 17 hours 53 minutes
Total time: 19 hours 40 minutes

We've talked a lot about the #canadachallenge, but there's another aspect to this event... the #simplicitychallenge. This is one that we can all do, and YOU don't need to ride your bike all day to take part. Back in July 2017, Reid put out the call for all of us to think of ways we can simplify our lives and reduce unnecessary spendng in order to be more generous.

As you are aware, one aspect of this ride is to raise $100,000 AUD for the Ukufuma program at Eagles Wings. THIS is the ultimate goal of the #canadachallenge.

Today we passed 3 significant milestones:
- crossing into our 4th Province: goodbye Saskatchewan, hello Manitoba.
- riding 2,000 km (1,243 miles) from Vancouver, which is approximately 1/3 of the total distance.
- reaching a donation tally of $33,783 AUD, which is a nudge over 1/3 of the way to the goal.

So that's YOUR challenge - as Reid presses on to the halfway point, can you help us to get the donations tally up to $50,000?

Thanks for partnering with us and supporting Reid as he pushes on into the night.

Nothing too out-of-the-ordinary happened with the ride today (though I guess that depends on what is considered 'ordinary')... in addition, the crew all had proper showers at a lovely clean truck stop, winning!

And then... 270 km into Wednesday, the crew in Flo were about to head 75km up the road to prep dinner while the Dodge crew would stick near Reid. We discovered that the dodgy Dodge had a screw in the rear tyre! We pulled into the nearest 'town' and arranged for an after hours repair. In the meantime, the RV needed to become the main support vehicle, so we swapped the gear over (food, drinks, spares, first aid kit) and headed for the next meeting point.

At this pit stop, Reid decided he needs dinner 25km down the road... okay, the presssure is on. Can we drive 25km and cook the chicken alfredo pasta meal in the time it takes him to cycle there?!?

Go Glennis go - peeling carrots and onions on her lap as Hedgy drives. Flying into action as soon as we pull up in the roadside pull-in. Boil the water, brown the meat, cook the veggies (eat your greens). Keep checking the 'find my friends' tracker, how far away is he?

I am proud to say that she nailed it, with a hot (but not too hot) meal handed out the RV door just as Reid pulled in. I believe she broke a nail in the process - good work, girl!

That's our excitement for the day. Thank you for your prayers and all the messages of support and encouragement, for both Reid and the Crew.

"Live Simply, so other can simply live."

- Nat.