Day 4: Tuesday 17 July, 2018

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Good morning Saskatchewan! What time is it??
As we travel from West to East, we'll cross over 4 time zones (i.e. lose 4 hours). We lost an hour on Day 2 and we were expecting to lose another one at the Saskatchewan border crossing. However while we're technically in a new time zone, Alberta observed daylight saving time, whereas Saskatchewan doesn't, so it has balanced out, for now. Not that it really matters... once Reid hits camp, he allows 30 mins to shower and go to bed, 4 hours sleep and 30 mins to dress, eat and roll out. The actual time is irrelevant. The bonus from our 4am wake up, was the getting to see the sunrise over the prairies.
Typically, once Reid rolls out from camp, we have another 30 mins or so to pack the car, make coffee and then drive ahead. It's not exactly leisurely, but it's a bit of a breather.
10 mins after he left, Dan got a phone call from Reid. It was very windy and we couldn't hear him properly, but it was unusual, so something might be wrong. Dodge crew, bust a move.
We caught up to him within minutes, to find he was needing his high-vis jacket (the sun hadn't quite risen yet).
An hour later we got another phone call with a syllable that sounded something like "flat", so we doubled back to fix that (Reid's not carrying any tools or spares). While Dan changed the tyre, Reid had an iced coffee and face-timed a fellow record holder, named Big A, back home.
How is Reid doing?
The following words come to mind:
-A world of pain
"I'm just trying to recover from yesterday" (by doing 450km)...
There was another flat tyre in the afternoon - all three have been the rear tyre so this time, we replaced the whole thing. Reid made good use of his downtime by face-timing his girls back home.
The day has been hot and the headwinds have been strong, it's getting nasty.
We are aiming for an overnight stop, just past Regina, Saskatchewan for our 4 hour break. Catch ya tomorrow.
- Nat.