Day 3: Monday 16 July, 2018

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Let me walk you through the evening routine from Sunday night...
At the dinner spot (Lake Louise Visitor's Center carpark), Reid decided that his distance goal was to be between 400 and 410km for the day, he was at the 332km mark at this stage. Hedgy and Dan set to work looking up possible campsites or pull in areas 70 to 80 km down the road. This led us to the town of Canmore, outside the National Parks.
The Dodge road crew of Mike, Dan and Nat kept pace with Reid, leapfrogging him in intervals - the distance was advised by Reid and then fine tuned by the crew, depending on what pull-in options were available... to be honest, there weren't too many good options last night.
The crew in Flo (Hedge, Glenn and Matt), did the dinner dishes and then headed straight for Canmore, to set up camp. As they got within range, we had a few chats over the radios - these are proving pretty useful, not just to chat logistics between vehicles, but mainly for the entertainment value.
Our final checkpoint with Reid was 10km from home camp, after that the Dodge flew in to Canmore to work out the best way to navigate Reid into camp. This involved finding our way to Flo and then driving back out to stage Mike by the highway turnoff to wave Reid in. 
Sunday's stats:
Total distance = 410.4 km / 255 miles
Climbing: 4,049 m  / 13,285 feet
Moving time: 16 hours 23 minutes
Total time: 17 hours 37 minutes
(Therefore, total breaks = 1 hour 14 minutes)
Once Reid hits camp, it's all systems go to get him off to bed ASAP. The shower was ready, towel and clothes laid out. A protein drink and natural anti-inflammatory remedy of apple cider vinegar, honey and warm water were sculled. (Thanks for the tip Becca, he's drinking them). As our stop was in the Info Center carpark, we couldn't use the tent. This means that Reid is sleeping in the RV, so as soon as he goes to bed we need to be lights out and quiet. I was in bed, when I thought "the cooler bag... it's still in the Dodge". I snuck out as quietly as possible, grabbed the bag from the Dodge (causing the lights to come on and light up the two trying to sleep there), then snuck back into Flo, unpacked the gear, opened the fridge and THUD, 2L of milk comes crashing down onto the floor, fortunately it stayed sealed, but so much for trying to be quiet... sorry guys!
Monday morning, Reid shot away from Canmore, heading for Calgary. He had a bit of downhill and then it was flat-ish to Calgary. Navigation through this city was fairly easy, but lots of traffic lights. He pushed through the far side of Calgary and we pulled up at the Subway in Chestermere. We arranged for the subway staff to sign the witness book once he came in, and then chatted to them about the challenge and purpose of the ride. The wonderful people of Subway supplied us all with free subs for lunch - legends! Thanks so much for your generosity.
From Canmore, Flo doubled back into Calgary to sort out: changes to the car drivers, groceries, pharmacy, camping equipment and an unsuccessful attempt at arranging some bike spares.
We caught back up with Reid and the Dodge crew about 120 km down the road.
Monday has been a tough one, nowhere near the climbing of the past few days, but the body is in a lot of pain, it's baking hot at 33°C (91°F), and there has been some headwinds. There's a lot more groaning when hopping on and off the bike. 
The scenery has completey changed. After the awe and wonder of the Rockies, we have hit the Badlands! Flat as a pancake (mostly), grass cover, no trees, long power lines and it's "starting to look like Australia", according to Dan (with the addition of Prairie Dogs).
Dinner is Beef Stoganoff, prepared by the wonderfully talented and adaptable Glennis, at a carpark in Medicine Hat.
We checked in with Reid every 10 km after the dinner stop, and he called it a night at the 451.8km mark. This happened to put us smack-bang on the Provincial border between Alberta and Saskatchewan. The 'end of day' call came a bit earlier than we initally thought, so although the crew had fuelled up with caffeine in prep for the night, they would now need to try and sleep.
Please continue to encourge Reid - we are sharing the comments made via social media with him over meal breaks, and also the donations, so click over to the donation page and show your support.