In April 2013 I hopped (or fell) off my bike after a soul destroying ride around Australia. Literally 37 days of pain leaving me physically a mess for 6 months and mentally fatigued for over two years! To the point where I could actually cry at the thought of doing that again. While my team and I achieved our goals, it would be a long time before I could contemplate a similar record attempt.

So when Canadian Arvid Loewen emailed wanting to race me around Australia the answer was simple. Not a chance! Arvid is the current holder of the cross Canada cycling record, so it got me thinking…

Canada is big. Rocky Mountains style big. From Vancouver to Halifax it is over 6000km. In July, 2011 Arvid set the Guinness World Record of 13 days 6 hours and 13 minutes. Or around 455 km per day. That’s massive. I understand what he had to put his body through to achieve this. He is a tough, seasoned veteran of ultra-cycling events. His 2011 record still stands.

In July 2018 I will see what I can do.

— Reid Anderton