In January 2000 I travelled to a small community on the outskirts of Ndola, Zambia called Monkey Fountain. It is surrounded by numerous other communities; Kanyala, Overspill, Bunga and Twapia. Since that time I may have been able to physically leave, but it is a place and community which I consider my second home, so I have never really left. I am indebted to them as a community and have a sense or calling – whatever you like to call it – to see their children reach their God given potential. (see

I have seen kids that used to run around causing mischief and mayhem complete their secondary education at Monkey Fountain Campus and now have the opportunity to further their education and reach their potential in whatever it was they hoped for. So for me, it is an honour and privilege to assist; hence this ride we would like to dedicate the funds raised to help graduating students move to tertiary or trade qualifications. There is a real sense of dignity and pride when a kid growing up in extreme poverty and the associated pain, can walk back into their home after graduating and know they are going to change it for the better.

Graduate Stories

Student: Bonface
Studying: Advanced Diploma in Nursing
Duration: 4 years (1 completed)
Location: Lusaka

I want to help people, not to just gain money, but to also help their families as well as my family. Where I come from, it is a poor community, and the best way is not to rely on government support because it is a challenge to attain it. Upon successfully getting employment after college, I want to be the first in our community to support another student into college. My desire is to begin this chain that will go a long way.

Because of this motivation, no one has to push me to attend the lectures while at college; no one has to tell me to behave well because I know what I want to achieve. I have learned that I don’t have to be shy. If you want to present yourself to the world, you have to be open. You have to have confidence in yourself. Everyone is happy to help, but students need to reach out and take advantage, we shouldn’t be scared. I’m very self-motivated and by God’s grace I plan to be the first generation in my family to become a nurse.

I wish to say thank to everyone who has made this dream come true for me and also my friends who are studying in different colleges. Without your support we would not have this hope.

Student: Clara
Studying: Diploma in Teaching
Duration: 3 years (1 completed)
Location: Ndola

I am the youngest in my family and the first to attend college. I come from a family where our financial income is low. I knew it was going to be tough financially when I completed high school. However, God had a plan for me! I realised that Eagles Wings was there for the vulnerable like me.

Even though I worked as much as I could in high school, without Eagles Wings, I could never have enrolled to do teaching. Going to college is building and shaping my character. I want to do as well as I can, firstly to show Eagles Wings that their help was appreciated and secondly, so that I will be in a position to assist in the education of those in need. When I finish my studies, I will be in a financial position to do all that.

I am always grateful to all who have made it possible for me to begin this journey. I am not only grateful for the financial help, but more so for the friendly faces and advice, counsel, rebuke and guidance I continue to receive from Eagles Wings.”

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